Saturday, January 25, 2014

IDS 2014!

LeuWebb Projects: Just a Reflection

LeuWebb Projects - Just a Reflection @ Huntclub
Monday Jan. 20th - Sun, Jan 26th, 2014

“Each thing (the glass surface of mirror, let us say) was infinite things, because I could clearly see it from every point in the cosmos. I saw the populous sea, saw dawn and dusk, saw the multitudes of the Americas, saw a silvery spider-web at the center of a black pyramid, saw a broken labyrinth (it was London), saw endless eyes, all very close, studying themselves in me, as though in a mirror, saw all the mirrors on the planet (and none of them reflecting me)…”
- from ‘The Aleph’, Jorge Luis Borges
Between the public outer realm and the private inner space, there exists a boundary.  ‘Just a Reflection’ occupies the in-between, expanding this liminal threshold.  Playing with existing window facades, a panoply of convex and concave mirrors, and an array of responsive lighting, the threshold becomes its own space of reflection, layering itself upon the outer and inner spaces beyond. 

This project is part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Christine Kim | Accumulation @ Articulations

Yesterday turned out to be quite the hectic day! I got most of my install done for the exhibition at Harbourfront on friday before heading out to the opening of my work in the Best of TOAE Award Winners Exhibition at First Canadian Place. Since I seem to be forsaking all of my school work lately in the name of art & design happenings, I decided I may as well head to the Junction afterwards to check out some more openings, including the Toronto Design Offsite Opening party at Smash.
It ended up being a bitterly cold evening outside but I was glad to see Dundas street hopping with eager design-festival goers. Between all of the commotion, I managed to pop in and photograph the lovely work of Christine Kim at Articulations. I was first introduced to her work was at last year's Artist Project, so it was nice to finally meet her! She also mentioned to me that she is taking over a room for the Gladstone's annual Come Up To My Room event, so be sure to check out her work there as well!

Opening: Christine Kim - Accumulation
Jan. 20- Feb 16th, 2013

Opening Reception - Wed. Jan 22nd 6-9pm
Artist Talk: Sat. Feb 15th, 1pm

Accumulation emerged out of Kim’s continued exploration and experimentation with cutting, bending, and folding paper. Using matte white paper, Kim has constructed light geometrical structures assembled together like cumulus clouds. She explores the relationship between light and shadow through intricately cut patterns and folds.  This is an investigation of what a line can do when it is folded, cut, curved, and gathered.
Christine Kim works primarily in illustration, cut paper and installation. She has exhibited in Toronto, Montreal, and presented Paper Orbs, an interactive installation for Nuit Blanche 2013, and collaborated with Vanathy Ganesharajah for Confessional, a paper installation for CUTMR 2014.

STRING THEORY///Pattern Pattern @ Graven Feather

Last Saturday I stopped by Graven Feather Studio to attend the opening of Pattern Pattern, by String Theory as a part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. If you are not familiar with their work, Meghan and Lysanne collaborate between Toronto and Montreal to make gorgeous knitted and woven textiles that reference natural and man made patterns and systems. Here is some more info on the exhibition, as well as some images from the opening. I really regret that I brought my point in shoot to the show, instead of the dslr, as the images could have been soo much better, but I will be sure to bring it next time! Also, if you happen to be around Queen & Shaw over the course of the weekend, take a moment to stop in, see the show and check out Graven Feather's amazing print studio! They will be hosting a series of events and programming over the course of design week, so check it out!

STRING THEORY / Pattern Pattern
January 18 - 26, 2014
Opening reception: Saturday, January 18, 6-9pm
STRING THEORY is a partnership between textile designers Lysanne Latulippe and Meghan Price. The duo’s scarves and shawls are made from fabrics designed and produced in low runs with the help North American mills. By fusing digital design and production with the expertise only handwork can bring, STRING THEORY produces contemporary textiles that meet the traditional standards of their craft.
As constructed textile designers Lysanne and Meghan work with the math and physics of fibres, yarns, knitting and weaving to develop structure, pattern and texture. The name STRING THEORY is borrowed from a theory of physics that says the world is made of vibrating strings.
With ‘patternpattern’, STRING THEORY revel in and reveal their methods for designing knit and woven textiles. Here, process becomes pattern and a collection of scarves is presented within walls that describe their making.