Thursday, December 19, 2013

Last Chance to see 'Studies in Interlacement...' @ Gerhard!

Just a quick note! This is your last chance to check out my installation Studies in Interlacement, xylem & phloem, at Gerhard Supply in the Junction. If you are in the area over the weekend, you can find it @ 2949 Dundas St. West. All of the works in the shop are available for sale, if you are still looking for something special to give a certain someone. I will be un-installing sometime on monday, so feel free to pop by, or drop me a line through my website.

Junction Design Crawl 2013

Hi everybody!

Now that I am finally finished my first semester at school and taking a break for the holidays, I thought I would take the time to do some much needed catching up on my blog and post some things that have been on the back burner since the summer!!! Once I return to school in the new year, I'm hoping to take the time to keep up with my blog posting regularly - even if it's just an inspirational photo here and there....!
This time of year, instead of thinking about the holidays I usually have my head in the clouds thinking about Design Week, at the end of January. I am going to be participating in two exhibitions as a part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, so be on the look out for that AND my coverage of as many exhibitions as I can make it out to for design week! In the meantime, here are some images from the Junction Design Crawl this past August, enjoy!

this looks like it might be the source of rolling blackouts throughout the Junction Night Flea, @ the Junction Design Crawl

Mason Studio, Installation - Rise of the Mid @ Articulations

Mjolk @ Junction Design Crawl

Trying on specs @ Opticianado

My installation 'Studies in Interlacement, xylem & phloem' @ Gerhard for the Junction Design Crawl

Prints by Alanna Cavanagh

Peter Feeney Bespoke Made to Measure Footwear