Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Limbo @ Academy of Lions

This past Saturday, I managed to make it out to see In Limbo, an exhibition of furniture designs featuring work from the soon to be graduating class of the Furniture Design Program at Sheridan College.
I always get excited about these kinds of shows and enjoy being surprised by the quality and innovation in the work.
Here is a statement from the exhibition along with some quick snaps I took before it got too busy. Be sure to look for their upcoming graduate exhibition, along with the rest of the Sheridan Crafts and Design grads coming sometime in the spring!

In Limbo
Curated by and featuring much of the work from the graduating furniture class of 2013, In Limbo represents an upcoming stage in each student’s life as they finish their studies and move towards starting a career.The Sheridan College Furniture class has worked over the past three years experimenting with materials and processes to develop a richer understanding of design and craft. This show will highlight their commitment to the program and present work that they can be proud of and share with the community. 
In Limbo showcases their earned skills in design and craftsmanship as well as providing an opportunity to transition from student life to working life.

Jeff Goodman Designs @ Ontario Crafts Council

Jeff Goodman Designs @ Ontario Crafts Council
990 Queen St. West

January 10th - February 24th, 2013

Craftsperson, designer, maker, mentor, friend, husband, father, brother, son - Jeff Goodman (1961-2012) was all of these. This exhibition focuses on one aspect of Jeff, his interest in incorporating handcrafted items into contemporary design. Some of these works were commissioned by architects and designers for specific locations; others became signature pieces of the Jeff Goodman Studio.

Following his studies at Sheridan College and the University of Illinois, Jeff returned to Sheridan to serve on the faculty from 1987-89.
He was an Artist-in-Residence at Harbourfront Centre's Craft Studios from 1986-89, and after his residency acted as an advisor from 1991-94 and from 2004-08. In addition, he served on the boards of the Glass Art Association of Canada, and the Ontario Crafts Council. Jeff was also generous, mentoring and/or employing many glass artists early in their careers.
In 1983, Jeff established the Jeff Goodman Studio. Over the years, it moved and expanded from a small location on Dupont street to one on Hanna Avenue. The studio is currently located on Cranfield Road in the north-eastern part of Toronto, and continues to produce works in glass.

In much the same way as Jeff worked, this exhibition was conceived and produced as a team effort. Jeff never failed to pay tribute to the highly skilled and dedicated people who brought their considerable attributes to his work and studio practice. In this spirit, we would like to acknowledge the following individuals who made this exhibitions possible.

Sunil Bhandari, Bhandari & Plater inc.
Melanie Egan, Harbourfront Centre
Alan C. Elder, Canadian Museum of Civilization
Janna Hiemstra, Ontario Crafts Council
Sylvia Lee, Jeff Goodman Studio

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do West Design

In the madness that happened this past weekend, I forgot to mention that I have a couple of my Lace Flags hanging outside of ML Lumber as a part of Do West Design!!!
Walking around on Saturday, I managed to see most of the work down the north side of Dundas before my fingers froze and I stopped in at MADE to check out the opening of Look i like. While I was there I managed to score a freshly ironed grilled cheese sandwich and some warm apple cider, before going on my way to check out some more shows.
Here are some pictures from my wanderings down Dundas. If you would like to check out my flags they are still up at 856 Dundas st w. (on the corner of Manning) while I wait for the weather to get a little nicer before taking them down.  For more information on Do West Design and the participating artists, please check out their webpage here.