Thursday, February 28, 2013

Opening: Winnie Truong, A Slow Immersion

Winnie Truong - A Slow Immersion
@ ESP Gallery, 1086 Queen St. West

February 28th - March 31st
Opening Reception: TONIGHT - Thursday, Feb. 28th 7-10pm

Erin Stump Projects is pleased to present the latest drawing series by Winnie Truong, A Slow Immersion. Truong continues to explore the artist's ongoing relationship with hair beyond beauty and accoutrement and into a direction of a object and environs. Through delicate, labor-intensive drawing, Truong's anomalous subjects examine the possibility of hair as a veil and as an object of comfort, while also remaining a self-consuming and self-inspiring muse. Whether they are comforted or encumbered, swarmed or swaddled, Truong's subjects are visual narratives of the artist's tangible relationship with mark making and the increasingly immersive nature of line and labour in her own practice.
A Slow Immersion examines monumental drawing as a product and physical feat that engrosses both the drawn subject and the viewer in an immense thicket of line and colour.

Winnie Truong lives and works in Toronto, where she received her BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design in the drawing and painting program. Truong is the recipient of numerous awards, including the W.O. Forsythe award, the 401 Richmond Career Launcher prize and the BMO 1st! Art Award for Ontario, which she exhibited at MOCCA. Winnie has exhibited both locally and internationally in galleries across Toronto, LA, Copenhagen and New York where she was featured in the VOLTA, NY Art Fair. Her work can also be found in the collection of the Nerman Museum of Contemporary art in Overland Park, Kansas.

The Artist Project 2013

This past Sunday, I took a much needed break away from the studio and stopped by to check out this year's installment of The Artist Project, on at the Better Living Centre.
As soon as I arrived, I found myself power walking through the dazed crowd to get a look at some of the fresh new works on offer.
I always enjoy going to these types of shows, seeing the work of my friends, meeting some new faces and getting inspired by new artists in the untapped emerging artist section.

A couple of booths that really stood out to me include the work of Anouk Desloges who pierces plexiglass, using it as a surface to create beautiful line-based embroideries, as well as the work of Katie Kehoe who uses drawing and repeating of the word 'And' to build up a series of patterns and textures on both paper and canvas.
I was also really pleased to see that Steven Tippin has continued to make his stunning photograms, which involve directly applying his glass works on photo paper and exposing them to capture the depth and dimension of the works as light refracts through each piece. Below is a selection of images I took from the show, I hope you enjoy!

Anouk Desloges
Embroidery on Plexiglass

Katie Kehoe  - Untapped Emerging Artist section

Xiaojing Yan - Installation Zone

Untapped Emerging Artist section

Nick Chase glass

Wing Yee Tong - Installation zone


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Opening: Of the Female Persu'asian

Of the Female Persu'asian
At The Guild Shop, 118 Cumberland St.

Exhibition: February 7th - March 10th, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday, Feb. 7th, 5-7pm

As contemporary Asian art continues to rise in prominence, some of the most compelling work is being produced by women in many areas of craft. Whether working from a modern perspective on historical techniques, or addressing the overwhelming influence of one's cultural heritage in day to day Western life, Of the Female Persu'asian demonstrates the depth of female talent that exists within these practices. Women's work indeed.

Featuring the work of: Jin Won Han, Annyen Lam, Seung Hee Lee, Vivian Lee, Shuyu Lu, Mengnan Qu and Chiho Tokita