Monday, May 14, 2012

CNC Lace Experiment

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to learn a basic introduction to CNC technology from one of my glass studio mates Aaron Oussoren over at his new space Studio Huddle
This is something that I have been meaning to get into for a while now, as I have a number of potential projects percolating in the back of my mind. 
Here is an image of one of the lace patterns I work with carved out in a miniature relief with the assistance of the CNC machine. Im hoping to begin working with this some more in the near future, and will be sure to post new projects and samples as they are made.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Emily Schaefer: FLOW with glass by Steven Tippin

I realize this exhibition has been over for a couple of weeks now, but I enjoyed it so much, I really wanted to share!!! Here is a look at some of the incredible works by Emily Schaefer and Steven Tippen (a former co-Sheridan grad of mine, from the glass studio) on at Telephone Booth Gallery.
Unfortunately the exhibition ended on April 28th, but you can find more of their amazing works here... and here! Enjoy!

Emily Schaefer’s work focuses on the physical application of medium to surface. Working flat, she pours, spreads, dips and manipulates fluid acrylic paint onto panels. At times this spreading carries the colour over the edge of the panel, validating it completely as part of the painting and not simply a vessel that carries it. She intuitively places each mark, layering the abstract forms, and at times adding a heavy build up of material. Her intense, minimalist paintings capitalize on the smooth fluidity of the paint, with strong contrasts in colour and surface. 

Emily Schaefer completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts - Studio Art from the University of Guelph in 2009. She won the 2009 Faculty Painting Award in the Juried Art Show, University of Guelph. She has consistently exhibited her work since graduation in numerous group exhibitions in Toronto and Guelph as well as the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition. This is her first solo exhibition with Telephone Booth Gallery. 

Steven Tippin’s glass works draw inspiration from grainy black and white photography, halftone print media, graphite drawings and the way paint and ink flow and pool on paper. The works are a study of the subtleties and delicate structures found in these mediums. Tippin fuses murrini (glass canes) into large, flat panels of glass creating a painterly movement and the tonal range of a charcoal drawing. The visual depth and perceived perspective that is created in his work is unexpected in a thin glass panel roughly a quarter of an inch deep.

Steven Tippin is a glass artist living and working in Wellesley, Ontario. He is currently the Vice President and the Ontario representative for the Glass Art Association of Canada. Tippin received his Undergraduate Bachelor degree in Printmaking and Sculpture from the University of Guelph in 2002. He returned to school in 2005 to study at the glass Department of Sheridan College melding his interests in printmaking and sculpture. He recently graduated from the Masters of Fine Arts program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has exhibited internationally and won several international awards.