Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hey guys! Just a quick post I wanted to share, as I am really excited!!!
After years of having an out-of-date website of my work, made-up of images spanning back to my school days in the textile studio at Sheridan, 
I finally decided to take some initiative and put together an all new website ON MY OWN! and I am soo happy I did!!!

Over the course of the next few months, I plan on making some big studio equipment purchases and beginning the process of prototyping an all new line of production-based work!
So please feel free to have a look, drop me a line or leave a comment, and let me know what you think! And be sure to keep your eyes open for an online shop coming sometime in the new year!

For more information, go to
cheers! Lizz


  1. Hello Lizz, I came across your work a while back, I was drawn to the burnouts and knots, very organic, clean-- the burnouts reminded me of the structure of bird bones, but more ornate. Your website looks and feels like what I believe an artist's site should, but if I may be so bold to recommend something, that is, the images scroll across the screen very fast, if they could be slowed down a bit, I think it would help when reading the notations that are highlighted in black, but if those notations weren't there in the images that move, I think it works really well. In saying that, the notations are on the images in the gallery, they may not be needed in both places, but it is all just preference I guess, also maybe I should learn to read faster. Also a close detail photo of some of your works might be nice, but all in all, I like your work. I'm not sure why I felt compelled to write something, running my own blog/website, I just randomly do, Anyhoo, I think it looks good.

  2. Hi Jonathan, thanks for the insight! it's very helpful!
    I know what you mean about things sliding quickly. I wish I knew how to change that, but I think it is set according to the template I used. I will play around some more with stuff, and try taking the labels off. thanks again for the response, it is much appreciated! L.

  3. Glad it was of help. I know what you mean, my site is a jerry-rigged blogger blog with some coding and tweaking, it has always been a work in progress, for me anyway. But I always think it's cool to be reminded that someone is actually looking at it when I get an occasional random msg- so I thought, spread the cheer, and say your work looks great. -Jonathan