Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Marbelous Wood by Snedker Studio

Snedker Studio is a contemporary design studio which develops innovative surfaces for the interior. Looking at each of the dynamic patterns created by this tradition-based process, its interesting to see how well it lends itself to transforming the use of non-traditional surfaces and materials.
Pernille Snedker Hansen first began the design studio in 2009 and has been developing innovative surfaces at both her studio and through artist residencies. Process is an important factor in Pernille's method of working and she uses nature as a collaborator in both process and inspiration.
Her main drive is to challenge how we look at and experience the surfaces that build up our environments. Through her work, she wants to make people curious and to seek enjoyment in the visual treasures and details of unexpected materials.

For her product line Marbelous Wood, She has re-purposed old marbling techniques to give  the surface of wood a supernatural, organic, colourful and vibrant pattern. The applied decoration engages in a dialogue with the natural growth rings of the underlying wood. Marbelous Wood challenges the way we use wood in our build environment, where function and aesthetics work together in new ways.


Here is a video of the age-old, water bath marbling process, she employs in her work:


Using paper as a 'test print' for each of the patterns she is trying to achieve, Snedker also produces a series of art works and one-off prints on paper that reference the rings from cross-sections of trees.


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