Friday, November 30, 2012

Lululemon Perimeter Mall by Lizz Aston

A while back I had the pleasure of working with the design team from Lululemon to conceptualize and create an installation, commissioned for one of their latest store openings - Perimeter Mall in Atlanta!
Working with up-cycled Lululemon fabrics from the lab in Vancouver, I was inspired by patterns, topographies and the local landscape of the Atlanta region. 
While the Grand Opening for the store has recently passed (Nov. 9th) 
If you are in the area please pop by, check it out, and have a look around. At 9 ft long and behind the cash desk, you can't miss it! Here are a couple of images of the project and a time lapse video we made of the install...! enjoy!

Taking reference from the local landscape in Atlanta, I wanted to design a large-scale, textile based pattern that would represent an abstracted topographical view of the land and a major artery that runs through it, the Chattahoochee River.
Inspired by dynamic symmetries and organic forms found in nature; patterns of lines stream outwards, branch off and break away, intersect and re-connect again to form a larger whole.

work in progress

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