Saturday, December 15, 2012

Artist: Mary Button Durell

"When I was 9 years old I wrapped the entire backyard in string.  I wove the string from one branch to the next, over to the fence, back to the tree, around the trunk, over and around until this great web appeared.  There were lines everywhere, joining different objects and cutting up space in strange ways.  I felt completely enchanted with the new environment and excited knowing I could rearrange reality.

On Easter, growing up, we were given large decorated eggs, colorful and lacey on the outside with an opening on one end to show scenes inside.  I remember looking in, so fascinated with this miniature landscape, wanting to crawl inside this other world.  Art has since become a way of building relationships between my interior and exterior worlds." - Mary Button Durell

Here is a look at the studio and work of paper-artist Mary Button Durell, one of the many people who I have been inspired by lately. In her work she uses tracing paper, wire, wheat paste and acrylic paint to build up her abstracted organic forms, ribboned groupings and delicate modular structures. enjoy!

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