Thursday, December 20, 2012

100th Post! - Exhibition: Flight Distance

I've been sitting here for days and days now, wracking my brains in excitement, wondering what I should write about for my hundredth post -
all the while, one of my favorite collaborative exhibitions is on display on the other side of the wall from where I sit!
Consider this post a very important last call to check out Flight Distance,
by Jesse Bromm and Janet Macpherson. The exhibition, on at Harbourfront Centre, will be closing this sunday!











Flight Distance 

Jesse Bromm & Janet Macpherson

Harboufront Centre - Craft corridor vitrines
235 Queens Quay W. Toronto
Sept. 29th - Dec. 23rd, 2012

“Flight distance” refers to the distance that animals like to keep between themselves and a threat of danger, and this distance varies with the degree of wildness of the animals. This collaboration between Craft Studio artists-in-residence Janet Macpherson and Jesse Bromm explores this idea through found objects, manufactured environments and slip-cast ceramic multiples. The twelve installations, divided into four sections called Tame, Feral, Sundry and Culled, examine the human propensity for violence and control through the manipulation of animals and the environment.
Macpherson’s porcelain animals have been altered, fragmented, and reassembled, creating aberrations of their original forms. Often they are blindfolded, bandaged and masked simultaneously, exposing the fine line between protection and restraint. Bromm’s mundane and readable found objects and miniatures situated out of context, explore what lies beneath the fa├žade of human civility, bringing to the surface the conflict between internal and external. Each of these elements collide in contrived landscapes to create strange and unsettling worlds.

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