Thursday, October 18, 2012

Opening: Jeannie Thib - Expanded Fields

Expanded Fields

October 20 to November 17

Opening Saturday October 20, 3-6pm

The sculptures, wall works and drawings in Expanded Fields disrupt relationships 
between architecture and ornament, between the modern and the decorative. 
In these works, decorative motifs become building blocks and ornament is reconstructed 
through cutting, stacking and printing, and the use of industrial materials like neoprene, 
aluminum, plywood and polystyrene.

Three-dimensional form is "extruded up" in layers from two-dimensional design, 
suggesting 3D computer renderings and other forms of architectural modelling. 
The cube is referenced in several works, as is the sectional architectural drawing. 
Modular and grid-based, the works engage with repetition and reproduction. 
These features—of both minimalist constructions and historic ornament—are key, 
as is the introduction of rogue elements, gaps and alternate strategies into those 
ordered systems.

As Tila Kellman puts it "Jeannie Thib pursues the idea that ornament is world-making 
to its logical conclusion. If ornament can generate meaningful space, then what if 
ornament rises into architecture?"  from a text published in conjunction with the solo 
exhibition "Compound: Ornament and Seduction," St. Francis Xavier University 
Gallery, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 2009

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