Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Matter Factory

What a great lecture last night! I really enjoyed listening to Andy Brayman's talk, describing his process and the way he looks at data as a form of material for working with.
A couple of the works in the presentation that really stood out to me included his series of cups printed with gold lustre. Each cup is painted with 23k gold or platinum, making use of the material - which is commonly known for its ability to diminish over time with washing and use. Through use and regular wear and tear, the lustrous surface slowly chips away to reveal hidden messages beneath.

I also enjoyed looking at his collaboration with ceramic artist Ayumi Horie, an installation made up of a series of large individual tiles and platters. The installation was made in celebration of Greenwich House Pottery's Centennial and inspired by the ecology of Greenwich Village in 1609, the year Henry Hudson first 'discovered' Manhattan. 
The project consists of 86 porcelain tiles, each tile represents a city block and Washington Square Park, encompassing 165 sq acres of Greenwich Village. The tiles are printed in cobalt with a series of oversize decals, opalescent white glaze and silver lustre; outlining a map that illustrates the twelve different ecosystems and twenty-six different animals that lived in the area in 1609. This project acts to raise ecological awareness and can currently be seen in the office of Greenwich House Pottery, open to the public.

Another intriguing project involves what Brayman calls a “tornado machine.” taking brick and cinder block fragments from the town of Greensburg, Kansas, destroyed in 2007 by a tornado, and putting them in a simple centrifuge machine that turns things to dust “using only spinning air in a metal cone.” He is using the dust made from these construction fragments turning them into glazes for pieces that will ultimately go back to Greensburg.

Greensburg, Kansas after the tornado.

Image - bricks and rubble, before being broken down in the 'tornado machine'

An example of a family of glazes that can be made from the particles re-purposed from the rubble. 
neat stuff!

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