Friday, February 3, 2012

Exploding Lace View

My installation Exploding lace view is now currently up in the exhibition LOOKout at Harbourfront Centre. The show will be on until April 15th, if you are interested in checking it out!
I managed to talk my wonderful boyfriend into taking some photos for me during the opening, and will be photographing the rest of the work in the gallery shortly to post about. Here is a brief artist statement and some images from the installation.

Exploding Lace View

Manipulating photographs of her own textile work, Aston expands on these predetermined patterns. By altering line, shape, volume, repetition and scale she deconstructs these formal patterns in unexpected ways and creates three-dimensional, large-scale works.

Installation in progress... painters tape an nails

detailed shot

talking about the work

enjoying the cast shadows

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