Friday, December 2, 2011

World of Threads Festival 2012

This looks like its gonna be a good one folks! The calls for submissions are now open for the next World of Threads Festival! Check it out below! Plus a featured artist of the week interview by me, super exciting!

Four Calls for Submissions

2012 World of Threads Festival

The World of Threads Festival is a leading international showcase of contemporary fibre art. It takes place in Oakville & Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We believe that some of the most exciting and compelling artwork being made today is happening in the field of fibre arts. Through our initiatives we have discovered some remarkable artists and brought them to the attention of Canadian and international audiences. Our website has become a central hub for lovers of fibre art with our Weekly Fibre Artist Interviews series. To date we have conducted over 50 interviews, and published 39, with Canadian and international artists.
Common Thread International Exhibitions: We invite artists from around the world to submit. These multiple curated exhibitions feature a large variety of work.
Calls for Submissions:
1)    Artwork and Interior Gallery Installations
2)    Outside Environmental Installations
3)    “Fibre Inspired” exhibition
4)    Proposals for Independent Projects

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  1. Nice interview, Lizz! Just read the whole thing-- it is so so so amazing to see how your work has multiplied and diversified, time!! The photos are utterly gorgeous.

    Also-- thanks for the props, pal! ;)