Thursday, December 29, 2011

*Queen Specific

Queen Specific is a window exhibition space displaying site specific art installations. This tall, rectangular vitrine is located on Queen Street West adjacent to and is co-sponsored by Dufflet Pastries. Currently, the work of one of my favorite artists, Toronto-based Jeannie Thib who I had the awesome pleasure of doing a work placement with back when I was in school, has work being featured in the space... Check it out if you get a chance to pass by! 
The work will be up until Jan. 17th 2012.

Column incorporates thirty-six identical waterjet cut polystyrene components that are based on the design of an 18th-century tile from the collection of the Maison Patrimoniale de Barthète in France. The subsequent three-dimensional form is “extruded up” in stacked layers from a plan view of the two-dimensional design. This installation for *QueenSpecific is one of several recent works that use decorative motifs as building blocks in grid based, modular constructions. These works examine relationships between ornament and architecture, original and copy.

Born in North Bay, Ontario, Jeannie Thib studied at York University in Toronto and has exhibited nationally and internationally since the 1980s. Recent exhibitions include B and K Projects, Copenhagen, Denmark, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia and Owens Art Gallery, Sackville, NB. She has participated in artist residencies in The Netherlands, France and Australia. Thib’s works are represented in the National Gallery of Canada, the Washington DC Convention Center and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal collections among others and she has created several permanent public art works. 

Jeannie Thib is represented by Katzman Kamen Gallery, Toronto 
and Ferneyhough Contemporary, North Bay, ON 

Here is a look at some of her previous work which I love:

*QueenSpecific is programmed by Toronto based artist Joy Walker.

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  1. Passed by the window and saw this last night...loved it! Amazing how the pattern becomes so architectural when stacked vertically. I've admired her work for a long time, too!