Friday, August 27, 2010

Multiple Coincidences

New exhibits run June 19 to Sept. 19, 2010
FREE opening reception Friday, June 18, 6-10 p.m.

Multiple Coincidences 

Inspired by dynamic symmetries and patterns found in nature, this collaboration between Lizz Aston and Johanna Schmidt explores the spontaneity of materials and processes.
Working within their respective materials of paper and porcelain, each artist examines the composition, repetition and fragility found in naturally occurring formations.

Both artists are inspired by experimenting with processes and combining the results to create groupings that read as a whole.  Paper is bunched, clay slip is drizzled, pieces are dipped, starched, broken and pieced back together – anything to take advantage of the material, or make it appear to be something else.
Sometimes working alone, sometimes building on one another’s ideas, and other times imitating each other’s forms, a dialogue is created.

Degraded muffin cup forms

Wavering paper formation

 Paper bark grouping

These are some images I took prior to installing the show in the vitrines, I will post photographs of the show installation when I get a chance... 

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