Thursday, August 26, 2010

David R Harper

I recently went on a field trip with my friend Shuyu to see the new Lia Cook exhibition at theTextile Museum in Toronto. The week before our museum visit, we had the good fortune of meeting with Lia, as she stopped by the studio to chat with us and give us one on one critiques before presenting her lecture at the York Quey Studio Theatre.
I found my critique with Lia to be really informative as she helped me to whittle down my ideas and the materials I had been exploring for my upcoming collaboration with Johanna.

I really enjoyed Lia's digitally woven tapestries and was impressed with the breadth of work she has created over the course of her career.
While we were at the show we also came across the installations and embroideries of artist David R. Harper who we were both previously unfamiliar with. His work really caught me off guard - to my surprise and delight... Both Shuyu and I were really awestruck by the attention to detail and the amount of handwork involved in each of his pieces... and this coming from a friend who spends hundreds of hours embroidering her own delicate little landscapes!!!

Lia Cook: Faces and Mazes at the textile museum:

Here are some images of David's work in the show:

These images do no justice to the amount of crosshatching and detail!!

Life size horse patched together out of cow hide and embroidered....

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