Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Opening: Studious @ Harbourfront Centre

Design week is finally here and my feet are itching to finally hit the pavement and check out some shows! But before I get swept away in my love of all things craft & design, I would like to invite you to the second exhibition I am participating in as a part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival. This Friday marks the opening of Studious as well as five other exhibitions at Harbourfront centre in celebration of their 40th anniversary. Along with the exhibition there will also be an Innovators & Ideas lecture series on saturday including talks by current artists-in-residence as well as the design duo Normal Goods. Here is some more information and a postcard for the exhibition:


Lizz Aston, Marianne Burlew, Jae Hyun George Cho, Jay Joo, K. Claire MacDonald, Amanda McCavour, Rachael Wong, Patrycja Zwierzynska

Curated by Melanie Egan and Patrick Macaulay

To describe someone as studious brings to mind qualities of diligence, attentiveness and quiet perseverance. This undoubtedly describes the artists in the exhibition but also playfully draws attention to time spent working in various studios and how that environment influences their work and process.
These artists are steeped in knowledge gained from exhaustive material study and imbued with the confidence and flexibility to subvert and abstract what they have learned. Guided, but not blindly lead by rich histories and time honoured techniques, they create fresh and insightful works.
For forty years this in-depth exploration of craft and design has been a core principle of Harbourfront Centre’s Craft & Design studios. This exhibition celebrates the considerable influence it has had on the careers of emerging artists, designers and craftspeople.
– Melanie Egan, Head, Craft & Design, and Patrick Macaulay, Director, Visual Arts, Harbourfront Centre

This exhibition is a part of the Toronto Design Offsite Festival:
Toronto Design Offsite Festival

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