Friday, April 26, 2013

Kate Jackson: Silence Doesn't Paint the Depth....

Silence Doesn't Paint the Depth of Quiet in That Room
an exhibition of fragile embroidery by Kate Jackson

@ Studio Huddle, 97 Niagra St.
April 12 - 28th, 2013

Studio Huddle is pleased to present Kate Jackson's first solo exhibition of embroidered works. Silence Doesn't Paint the Depth of Quiet in That Room, showcases new works of fragile embroidery.
Jackson has been researching and developing techniques for fragile embroidery, which involves embroidering onto materials that are often too weak to withstand embellishment with needle and thread.
Using patience as a conceptual theme and a necessity in the work, Jackson embroiders cheerios, paper towel, flower petals, leaves and more.

For more information on Kate Jackson and her work, please visit

The title for this show is taken from Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace, by David Rackoff

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