Friday, January 27, 2012

OPENING: LOOKout @ Harbourfront Centre

Come check out our show opening tonight at Harbourfront Centre! Here is a link to the exhibition on the Harbourfront webpage. The reception is tonight from 6-10pm at York Quey Gallery and runs till April 15th!


An exhibition by nine artists positioned on the vanguard of contemporary craft practice.

To “look out” could be a command to get out of the way or it could describe a vantage point to see a long distance. This is an apt title to describe the exhibition of these nine artists. The work is both aggressively big and bold and the thinking and making behind it is pioneering and forwardly looking.
The creative process is reciprocal, part introversion and extrospection. Artists look within for meaning and without for inspiration. From their perspective, new directions, modes of thinking and approaches to making are constantly being explored. Although the works in LOOK out do not strictly adhere to specific readings, they were perceived through a literal or abstract lens juxtaposing ideas about process, materials, value and scale.
What happens when we take the time to look? What resonates within us? So many things are not what they seem and a mere glance is just not enough.

George Cho 

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