Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fabricate: Natural dyes and white-work embroidery.

Last spring I began working on a series of samples for a project with my studio mate Jen Kneulman from Freshly Printed, taking a break from our usual work. We were interested in sampling natural dyes using discarded threads from the end process of our work, and also sampling polychromatic screen printing using natural dyes.

The time we spent playing with dyes, and paper and linen fibres inspired the beginning of our collaboration for Fabricate, a joint exhibition at Meredith Keith Gallery and Freedom Clothing Collective. Here is our statement from the show and  some images from the project:

White-work embroidery samplers:

Inspired by the intimacy and intricacies of embroidery techniques and textile handwork, this collaboration between Lizz Aston and Jen Kneulman explores the notion of the embroidery ‘sampler’ on a much larger scale than tradition dictates.Using natural dyes and linen and paper threads, each artist begins by weaving an inter-connected series of threads off the wall, creating a grid like base for the techniques explored. Naturally dyed threads are then used to bind, twist, stitch and affect form and pattern, thus creating a play of negative and positive spaces, light and shadow.
This collaboration is an exploration of the common techniques encompassed within the artists’ respective practices. Taking reference from pulled-thread work and white-work embroidery techniques, as well as traditional dyestuffs, this installation is used to create a visual dialogue that addresses the intimacy found within traditional textile work and how it is affected by scale, material and context.

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